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KDD 2014

August 28, 2014

My first KDD conference in a while!

Swapnil Mishra and I had to go to present our paper, “Experiments with Non-parametric Topic Models” (… a link to the ACM page … we paid a lot of money to make this paper available free for all).  The conference slides we presented are here, and the software is available on MLOSS called hca.  The talk on is up now.

Also ran into Aaron Li and Alex Smola who spoke after us.  I really have to implement their trick!


So Mallet’s asymmetic-symmetric LDA approximates HDP-LDA

June 10, 2014

So Swapnil and I we were doing a stack of different comparisons with others’ software, and it dawned on me, the asymmetic-symmetric variant in Mallet’s LDA approximates HDP-LDA, first described in the hierarchical Dirichlet process article, the much cited non-parametric version of LDA.  In fact since 2008 its probably been the best implementation and no-one knew, and its blindingly fast too.  Though we got better performance, see our KDD paper.