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Visiting Zhengzhou University

September 27, 2019
Workshop at Zhengzhou, 2019

Faculty and some students after the workshop, 27/09/19.

Dr. Ming Liu of Deakin organised for Dr. Lan Du and I to give a series of lectures on machine learning and natural language processing at Zhengzhou University in Henan province, from 25-27th September.   I gave versions of some previous talks, as well as presenting a new talk on some of the fundamental principles behind some of the new techniques in deep neural networks like pre-training.

The photo above shows me, with Lan and Ming on my left and Prof. Zan, our principal host, on the right.  Several other Zhengzhou faculty are in the front row and some of the masters + phd students in the back row.   Zhengzhou is a large university with the best students in Henan.  The food was, of course, fabulous.  We had a small dinner with the Dean of the entire Engineering Faculty (seen cut-off, on far left), no less, on Monday night, and I was introduced to the toasting customs of Henan with their tiny 10ml shot glasses!

Dinner at Zhengzhou University

At the faculty club 25/09/19, with the Dean on the far left.  Lan is having his soup and Ming is waving.