So Mallet’s asymmetic-symmetric LDA approximates HDP-LDA

June 10, 2014

So Swapnil and I we were doing a stack of different comparisons with others’ software, and it dawned on me, the asymmetic-symmetric variant in Mallet’s LDA approximates HDP-LDA, first described in the hierarchical Dirichlet process article, the much cited non-parametric version of LDA.  In fact since 2008 its probably been the best implementation and no-one knew, and its blindingly fast too.  Though we got better performance, see our KDD paper.

One comment

  1. […] topic in recent NIPS conferences.  We’d noticed that the LDA implementation in Mallet has an asymmetric-symmetric version which is a truncated form of HDP-LDA, and David Mimno says this has been around since 2007, though Wallach, Mimno and McCallum published […]

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