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Talk at Waikato June 2015

June 8, 2015

This is an updated version of the pan-European talk broadened a bit, again to remove the non-parametric minutiae.   I was lucky to be visiting Waikato to attend Antti Puurula‘s thesis defense.  The PDF slides are here.

TITLE: Non-parametric Methods for Unsupervised Semantic Modelling

This talk will cover some of our recent work in extended topic models to serve as tools in text mining and NLP (and hopefully, later, in IR) when some semantic analysis is required. In some sense our goals are akin to the use of Latent Semantic Analysis. The basic theoretical/algorithmic tool we have for this is non-parametric Bayesian methods for reasoning on hierarchies of probability vectors. The concepts will be introduced but not the statistical detail. Then I’ll present some of our KDD 2014 paper (Experiments with Non-parametric Topic Models) that is currently the best performing topic model by a number of metrics.