My students

Wray's student group

Current research students as of October 2019.

Easily the best part of being academic is working with research students!  I only list students here for which I have had an active role in supervision.  Lots of excellent supervisors in Machine Learning at Monash, and I have the pleasure to support a few of the others too.

Former students (as main/active supervisor):

  • Ming Liu: Monash. Supervisor for PhD Thesis, from 2016, awarded 2019.  Title “Weak Supervision and Active Learning for Natural Language Processing.”  Now a posdtdoc at Deakin.
  • He (Ethan) Zhao: Monash. Supervisor for PhD Thesis, title “Structured Bayesian Latent Factor Models with Metadata,” from 2016, awarded 2019.  Now a postdoc at Monash with Dinh Phung.
  • Kar Wai Lim: PhD at ANU. Supervisor for PhD Thesis, “Nonparametric Bayesian Topic Modelling with Auxiliary Data.” in 2016.  Now a postdoc at NUS, Singapore.
  • Changyou Chen: ANU. Supervisor for PhD Thesis “Dependent Normalized Random Measures,” from 2011, awarded 2014.  Postdoc September 2014 at Duke University.  Now faculty at SUNY Buffalo.
  • Swapnil Mishra: Supervisor for Master Thesis “Sparse and Hierarchical Topic Modeling.” Awarded 1st Class Honours, July 2014.  Now PhD student at ANU.
  • Aaron Li: ANU. Supervisor for Honours Thesis “Multi-GPU Distributed Parallel Bayesian Differential Topic Modelling,” awarded 1st class December 2012.  Did a masters at CMU and now in Silicon Valley USA with startups.
  • Lan Du: ANU. Supervisor for Doctoral Thesis “Non-parametric Bayesian Methods for Structured Topic Models,” awarded 2012. Did a postdoc with Prof Mark Johnson at Macquarie University, and now faculty at Monash University.
  • Novi Quadrianto: ANU. Supervisory panel member for Doctoral Thesis “ Learning for the Internet: Kernel Embeddings and Optimisation,” awarded 2011. Now faculty at Sussex, UK

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