Turning Point and Monash at Google

July 31, 2019

Turning Point colleague, Sam Campbell, and I went to the Google AI Impact Challenge Accelerator event in London on 29th-31st July (see the video here, I get a brief shots at 0:14 and 0:20 and Sam gets an interview at 0:49).  Sam is the in-house data science person at Turning Point and a graduate of the Monash Master of Data Science programme.  I’ve been coaching him on modern text-mining with deep neural networks, and we’re starting to realise just how accurate the predictions can become.

Following our Launchpad event to San Francisco, the London event was an in depth technology review so we could help design our system.  We had a number of very clued-in Google experts supporting us in designing our architecture.  My systems and internet applications experience is over 20 years old, so I get the general ideas but don’t know the modern specifics!

AI Impact Challenge Accelerator Tech Sprint

All the teams at the London tech event, 31/07/19.

Lots the of AI Impact folks from Google attended and we all agreed the committment and support from Google was fabulous.  We’re in the top right, with Sam holding the “Turning Point” sign, me below him.

We learnt a lot about designing AI systems, and I saw some great tutorials on machine learning.  For human centred design, see PAIR: People and AI Research.  We spoke to contributors such as Di Dang and Roxanne Pinto.  Their guidebook is an absolute treasure trove.  The machine learning group told us about using the cloud, their AutoML, and they presented some fabulous tutorials on things like data wrangling.

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