Some favourite tutorials

September 10, 2014

First, if you are starting out, you need to see How to do good research, get it published in SIGKDD and get it cited!  This is an amazing tutorial from Eamonn Keogh back in 2009, but nothing changes, right?   Lots of gems in there.

Here are some tutorials from others I highly recommend, from the fabulous Video Lectures website.   The titles are pretty good descriptors of content.  Ideally, this is what students need to know for research in topic models and related material like Bayesian probability, graphical models, MCMC, etc.

Also, if you’re into graphical models, the best set of lectures on theoretical material I know is from Prof. Stephen Lauritzen (now retired), Graphical Models and Inference, a course presented at Oxfords Statistics some time ago.  He is the most outstanding researcher in this field.

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