Wikipedia on probability theory

July 11, 2013

I created a PDF map of probability theory, the stuff that matters for Bayesian analysis, using the concepts available from the Wikipedia, with clickable links to the actual pages. Open and view at 600% to read the writing!  It should be on an A2 page.

In some cases, critical stuff is missing so I’ve just left an open box with a title there.  Its broken into areas and you follow the arcs backwards to get prerequisites.  Generally the Wikipedia material is pretty good!  Coverage of some areas is poor though (graphical models with plates, Pitman-Yor processes, etc.)

So you can get a pretty good education from the Wikipedia.  All that’s missing is exercises.  Note Wikipedia also has the concept of books, so for an undergraduate statistics coverage you can see the Wikipedia Book on Statistics, but I like to see a map of relationships.

The original is in DOT and I generate a big PDF file with clickable Wikipedia icons.    Originally I output it to SVG but the viewers would not scale up enough to the size of the page, so used PDF instead.

Any suggestions?

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